Meet Emmett.

1.5" Flanged Pillow


1.5" Flanged Pillow
Prices start at $60
Emmett is meant to add extra flare to your bed or sofa. It has a 1.5" flange detail around the border.


16x1618x1820x2022x2224x2426x2630x3020x26 (standard)20x36 (king)26x26 (euro sham)Custom


  • Available without insert
  • Zipper placement: invisible zipper on back

Emmett is our decorative pillow with flange! What is flange? Flange is the protruding collar around the pillow that gives it that extra delicate touch. Here at Stitchroom, we like to call it the ravioli pillow because we love food and it provides an enjoyable visual. Emmett is the perfect throw pillow for lounging around or for hiding behind during a scary movie.